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Fell Legend Farm

Where Legends are made..... and Dreams Come True!

FLF's Latest News (Blog)

FLF's Latest News (Blog)

June 16, 2011

Posted on June 16, 2011 at 12:54 PM

Thank you for all the great emails and contacts we have made over the last few years. We have made some wonderful new friends and reconnected with others.

Our farm is growing in leaps and bounds. Since my last blog, our grand daughter Kiley was born in November 2010, and we acquired under sad circumstances a six year old Stallion, Laurelhighland Romany Boy (Romy) from Washington State. We also, after three years of waiting, received our young yearling stallion Laurelhighland Oliver in March of 2010. Having 3 Fell stallions and a teaser stallion "Banner" on the farm was quite a challenge until by accident Oliver and Romy broke out together. After 3 more times, I said fine and left them pastured together. They seem to really like each other, and as long as I separate them before bringing up any mares, they are doing great together. They even leave the senior stallion BroughHill Hadrian's Wall (Hadrian) alone, and they could easily break the fence if they wanted to. I am so lucky these stallions are Fell ponies and have great temperaments and a farm big enough to let them live like other mares & geldings in a pasture setting. I have a movie I will post later of them together.

The spring of 2010 brought us 2 wonderful colts by the stallion *Linse Van Het Westerkwartier, owned by Monika Becker from Oakdale, CA. We bred Laurelhighland Rose Petal (Petal) and Braeberry Anne (Annie). Petal's colt, Felllegend Bramwells Tristian (Blackberry) was sold in utero, before conseption to Nichol Vaillancourt of Chico, CA. Annie's colt, Felllegend Rembrant (Remi) sold to Elaine Dunson, Auburn, CA. As both of these nice colts start their new life with these wonderful owners, I am excited to see them on the trail and in the show rings and parades. It will be fun to watch them grow into wonderful citizens promoting the Fell Pony breed.

I bred Annie to Romy and we are waiting for our first foal of 2011. Monika also bred her lovely mare Braeberry Liberty to Romy. As both Annie and Liberty are full sisters by Hadrian. I can't wait to see these expected foals.  Annie's foal is for sale.

After several years of having Murthwaite Yelena and Braeberry Bonnie Lass at Fell Legend Farm (FLF), Dachia picked them up in May 2011. It was fun to finally meet Dachia in person and sad for me to say goodby to these two sweet lovely mature mares. Both had multiple foals born on the farm and they were so much a part of FLF and raising their foals etc. Neither mare ever caused any issues and will truly be missed. I hope Dachia has as much fun with them as I did. We bred both mares back to Hadrian this spring before they left. Therefore, Dachia will have her hand full next spring. They were bred one week apart so the foals will be close like they were in 2009 at 3 days apart. Good Luck Dachia!.

We managed to do some advertising last year and secured the cover spot and 2.5 page article for Honest Horses magazine. The cover picture was picked by the editors and my photo of Yelena and our foal Felllegend Etta Rose made the cover. I saw the Honest Horse booth at the 2011 Western States Horse Expo and they told me that so far, that cover was their favorite and took it out of chronological order and placed it on top for all to see. Elaine and I saw the editors in May at the Paradise Horse Festival. We took to fells and did a demo. This was their first time seeing the Fell Ponies in person. They just loved them.

Elaine and I are planning our first trip to Pt. Reyes National Seashore in two weeks. I have not been there since 2008 and I have never taken a Fell pony. Of course, my favorite Ms.Petal will be our first Fell pony to overnight camp for 3 days and ride on the beach. More pics to come!

FLF is planning on attending the Lincoln, 4th of July parade, Brookside Mountain & Moorland show in September, the Celtic Fair in October, the day before Thanksgiving Parade in November and the Lincoln Holiday Parade in December.

Have a great summer!  René

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