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Fell Legend Farm

Where Legends are made..... and Dreams Come True!

FLF's Latest News (Blog)

FLF's Latest News (Blog)

Fell Legend Farm Website

Posted on May 14, 2009 at 10:25 AM

I am happy to welcome everyone to our long over due website.  It is still under construction and the Domain is pending, but for now here it is.  It will be updated it over the next few weeks as I seem to have already maxed out the number of web pages allowed, but I will get the hang of this, if it kills me. Take Care and enjoy the site.....René Bender :)



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Reply Venus Gilbert
9:01 PM on May 27, 2009 
Nice website René!
Hope to see you and Tom soon! :D
Venus and J
Reply Christel
3:39 PM on May 28, 2009 
yay! Your website is up!
Reply Rene
6:27 PM on May 28, 2009 
Christel says...
yay! Your website is up!

Thanks.....It has a lot more work needed, but at least it is a start.
Reply Lee Hagerty
11:28 PM on March 22, 2015 
Hello im awful sorry to hear about there owners death, I just lost someone near and dear to me to that horrid killer CANCER it has eaten 4 of my favorite people. I have always ran to horses for therapy I walked 2 miles to the riding stable walk out horses,groom them,pick the rocks outta there feet no one else took the time weather lame or not they were made to trail,i would beg and say but Bill he is lame well I need him,i always lost I hsve loved horses more then people as people let me down,hurt me every way even family, was a nusense,i wasn't girly enough I wasn't smart I was fat and ugly no one will ever love me,your own father threw you away.words u never forget I got over the bruises,the touches those words linger all your life. I Fell for these ponies they are so majestic I cant imagine the way they feel when they loose that only person that has done an been there for them. I wonder if they are scared as I was when my mothers then husband threw me to the wolves at 161-2. She had got rid of the beating bastard I told her about the touching she didn't believe me. She was told if she left she wouldn't find my body parts. I still don't know if that's true she found the piece of crap on the cb she was special K I was half a banana I hated that thing he was married I was friends with his daughter what do I say gee ur dads at my house all the time,i said nothing.If I tried to help her when getting a beattin she got one and we got it even worse I think she thought that was love my Papa I guess did it this day I can hear him you jew little brat. No one will love you your fat and ugly I to this day avoid the mirror,im 44 now and I had 2 beautiful girls. I never see my mom she lives a town over,me an my oldest daughter where visiting and Dan came home early my Mom told us go outside an hide hurry,she was 3.I WAS PETRIFIED SO SCARED I WOULDA KILLED HIM,DONE LIFE I NEVER I SAY THIS ON A STACK OF BIBLES HIT MY KIDS I WAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE 1 TIME AND PUSHED SHELBY I STILL FEEL AWFULL FOR THAT,I NEVER CALLED THEM BAD I CALLED THEM FRESH STILL MY DOCTOR WAS THERES HE SAID LEE NEVER CALL KIDS BAD THEY GROW UP THINKING THEY ARE BAD PEOPLE. ITS TRUE I WAS TOLD THE DAMN THINGS I WAS TOLD CANT LOOK IN THE MIRROR. I TOOK THE WRONG PATH,MY KIDS FATHER IWAS RID OF HIM WITH A MAN THAT TOTALLY RESPECTED ME IM NOT USE TO THAT I MOVED IN FOR 3 MONTHS SLEPT WITH MY DAUGHTER AS HE SLEPT ON THE COUCH. MY BIRTHDAY CAME HE BOUGHT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND EVER. I HAD NEVER SLEPT WITH HIM NOTHING HE SAID LEE OH MARRY ME I LOVE YOU. I DONT DESERVE THIS, I WAS NOW GETTING CALLS FROM GOOD OL SEAN, I NEED TO TALK TOYOU I WANT OUR FAMILY BACK NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU LIKE I DO. JOE KNEW HOW IMPORTANT HORSES WHERE TOOM ME ALL THE TIME,SO I COULD REST MY HEAD.I SLEPT WITH SEAN TOLD JOE HE TOOK THE RING BACK. I WENT STAYED WITH SEAN JOE WAS THE ONLY MAN I THINK EVER REALLY LOVED ME,WELL I WENT BACK TO JOE AFTER AWHILE HE WENT TO GIVE MY RING BACK IT WAS GONE HIS BROTHER STOLE IT HE WENT AND BOUGHT A BETTER ONE AFTER ALL I PUT HIM THREW,I DONT KNOW HOW TO BE RESPECTED I WOUND UP CONFUSED LEFT SEAN BEAT ME UP 922 WAS CALLED BECAUSE I WAS NOW SCREWING UP ON DRUGS AND LET THE GIRLS BACK WITH THERE FATHER I WAS DEEMED UNFIT,NEGLEGFUL,THE ONLY 2 THINGS I STOOD AROUND FOR WHERE TAKEN FROM SCHOOL. I WENT MY MOTHER SHE SAID LEE YOU KNOW I CANT HELP U. MIND YOU SHE HAS A GAURGANTUAN HOUSE WITH A GAURGANTUAN CELLAR MY GRANDFATHER LIVED IN AN ADDITION IN MY MOTHERS HOUSE TWO HUGE ROOMS A FULL BATH SHE BROUGHT ME TO MY DRUG ADDICT FRIEND,I TRIED TO STAY SOBER IT WAS LIKE PUTTING STEAK IN FRONT OF A BEAR,THE BOYFRIEND I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF AT HIS HOUSE SAID MY KIDS CANT STAY URS AINTSO OFF TO MY DRUG ADICT FRIEND I CALLED AN GOT INTO A N ABUSE SHELTER I WAS ON METHADONE THE LADY WAS SCARED THAT SEAN WOULD SEE ME WOUND UP AT A DRUG ADDICTS HOUSE I TRIED TOSTAY CLEAN,THEY TOOK MY GIRLS MY 2 REASONS TO WAKE UP ANYWAYS I HAVE ALWAYS [OVED HORSES I DONT HAVE ALOTTA MONEY BUT ALOTTA HEART I DO HAVE DO YOU HAVE A GELDING OR A MARE FOR SHORT MONEY.ILL PAY YOU A HUNDRED A MOMTH TILL SHE OR HE IS PAID OFF I NEED TO LOVE SOMETHING,MY GIRLS ARE OLDER AND DONT KNOW IF I CAN BE TRUSTED OR NOT MY OLDEST SAID I HAD MY CHANCE AT BEING A MOTHER I COULDNT STAY CLEAB FOR THEM,I HATE MYSELF THAT I COULDNT DO THAT SHOULDA BEEN DONE ,IF YOU HAVE ONE FOR A COUPLE GRAND ILL GIVE THAT HORSE HEART. THATS MORE THEN MONEY OR DIAMONDS OR ANYTHING CAN BUY.MY HEART I WILL BE THE BEST OWNER EVER. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME ILL BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON AS WILL THE HORSE NOTHING LIKE A MOMS LOVE. MY CELL NUMBER IS 774-274-7647,THANKS IM SORRY I RATTLED ON AN ON OH I JUST FEEL IM A BURDEN TO EVERYONE EVEN SOBER. BE BETTER OFF IN HEAVEN WITH MY FRIENDS.
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