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Fell Legend Farm

Where Legends are made..... and Dreams Come True!

BroughHill Hadrian's Wall #FP50964C*                      Lic.                                                                    #FP296R                                                           1999 Black Stallion, no markings, 13 hands              Sire: Waverhead Robbie, Dam: xx

BroughHill (pronounced Bruff-hill) Hadrian's Wall or 'Hadrian' foaled at BroughHill Farm in North Carolina in 1999. He is licensed with the Fell Pony Society as a black 13 hand stallion with no markings. Hadrian was named after the famous "Hadrian's Wall" in Northern England built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, were the wall is still intact after 2000 years. Hadrian has a true to type pony head with small ears and wide expressive eyes, one his best features. His awesome mane, forelock, and feathers are long and full and his tail drags the ground. I call his coat color “Blue” black as he never fades in the summer. 

Hadrian was used as a stallion at Deerstones Farm in Canada before his arrival in Oregon at Braeberry Farm, in September 2004. We purchased him in 2006 and brought him home to California where he resides as senior stallion at Fell Legend Farm. 

Hadrian has been ridden both English and Western. He has shown locally and participated at the Western States Horse Expo, Sacramento, the Lincoln Holiday Parade and 4th of July Parade and many other local events over the years. He draws attention where ever he goes with his good looks and charming well mannered temperament. He loves children and eats up the attention from all his admirers young and old.

When in Canada, as a three year old he was on the cover of Horse Illustrated Jan 2005 issue, and the centerfold of a running Fell. Hadrian loves the camera and never takes a bad picture. I truly believe he knows how special he is.

Hadrian has thrown both fillies and colts in every color over the years and passes on to them his good looks and temperament. His foals are just as special as he is. He baby sits our foals every winter after they are weaned like a mother hen. He never lets them wander off too far and stays with them and seems to comfort them. He always alerts us when someone arrives at the ranch with his familiar call. 

Hadrian is available for live cover. Contact us if you are interested in a Hadrian foal.



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