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Fell Legend Farm

Where Legends are made..... and Dreams Come True!


This will be the 6th year for Mountain & Moorland (M&M) classes to be held at the Pacific Coast Classic sponsored by the Welsh Pony and Cob Association of California (WPCAC). The WPCAC always brings over a UK judge who is listed on the National Pony Society’s panel for judging Mixed M&M classes.

This year's Judge is Mrs. S. M. Williams, Gwynedd, UK.

M&M Classes include: In Hand, Best of Breed, Championship, Ridden, Novice Ridden, Lead Line, Working Hunter, Pleasure & Carriage Driving, Obstacle Driving and more. It is always a wonderful show to watch!

Fell Legend Farm will be bringing several ponies to this show. We will have 2 ponies, Hadrian & Petal under saddle plus a few In Hand and our granddaughter Haley, riding Petal in the Lead Line class.

Date(s): September 17, 2011

Type of Event : Sponsored by FPSNA,Mountain & Moorland Breed Show,

Location: Brookside Equestrian Park, Sacramento, California, 95624, United States (see Location on their website)

What are Mountain & Moorland Classes?

The nine British Native Ponies make up the Mountain & Moorland classes. They are the Connemara, Dartmoor, Dales, Exmoor, Fell, Highland, New Forest, Shetland(British), and Welsh,A,B,C,D. They have been recognized by the National Pony Society (NPS) of the United Kingdom (UK). 

An M&M pony by definition is "One whose ancestors have lived on mountain, moor, or common for the last three generations in semi-feral conditions." From these herds, breeders use only the strongest, and hardiest ponies for their breeding programs keeping them "True to Type."

Since there are so few M&M ponies in North America, these shows offer a way for the M&M ponies to compete together. Besides the Welsh and Connemara ponies, the other 7 pony breed numbers are so small, and widespread across the continent, it would be impossible to have enough ponies in one breed to warrant having their own show. The Welsh and Connemara organizations have generously added these M&M classes to their shows. Every year more and more M&M classes are popping up across the country. 


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