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Fell Legend Farm

Where Legends are made..... and Dreams Come True!

We acquired our first stallion in 2006 with the purchase of BroughHill Hadrian's Wall. 

Hadrian & René

Hadrian was the first Fell pony I was given the honor of riding at the Horse Expo in Albany, Oregon in the Spring of 2005. I fell in love with him and asked his owner at the time, Cheryl Dutton, Braeberry Farm, that if she ever wanted to sell him, I would buy him. So we did and he has been our ambassador, greeting guests, attending local parades, expos and competing in horse shows.                                            

Hadrian is closely related to the mares we had at the time so we planned on obtaining another Fell stallion. In 2007 after careful consideration and lots of research, we decided on the sire and dam of our future stallion and purchased before conception, Laurelhighland Oliver. He was born in April 2009 and arrived at the farm in the spring of 2010.

 Oliver Courtesy of Laurelhighland Farm

But fate was about to come full circle.............

In the fall of 2009, we got the call that our dear friend and mentor, Wendy’s Ihlang, Musta Hevonen Farm, Rainier, Washington had lost her life in a tragic accident. Wendy was one of the first fell breeders I talked to in 1998-99 about the Fell pony breed. Wendy and I had shipped our 2004 foals across country together from Laurelhighland Farm in Pennsylvania. For Wendy, Laurelhighland Romany Boy was her replacement future stallion, after losing her stallion in a tragic surgical complication. We were expecting our first Fell filly, Laurelhighland Rose Petal that would be our foundation mare and the start of Fell Legend Farm. Wendy and I had such high hopes for these two fell ponies and I was impressed with Romany’s bloodlines that Wendy and I discussed someday breeding Petal to Romany. 

As we were struggling with this incredibly sad news, word went out that Romany needed a home. We offered to keep him for the family until decisions were made. But as the week developed, we all realized Romany needed to find a stallion friendly home, and we were glad and able to give him that home. I know Wendy is smiling down on Romany today, as I believe he came full circle and it was meant to be that he and Petal be together again.

 Romany with winter coat Spring 2010


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